Hypergolic provides solutions to help sports industry players simplify and maximize athlete biometric data privacy, ownership and usage rights, while protecting and leveraging it for revenue generation, as the Internet of Things emerges.

What is a "Hypergolic?"

A “hypergolic” is a rocket fuel so potent that it self-ignites when combined with other hypergolic fuels. In the sports industry, biometric data has been referred to as “the new oil.” We believe that this data is a metaphorical hypergolic. When combined with other “hypergolics” in the sports technology space, they ignite, creating exponentially more power, thrust, and motion to reach greater heights that are beyond current comprehension.

In addition to athlete biometric data, other industry "hypergolics" include leagues, teams, athletes, players associations, data collectors and processors, and others who use biometric data in a variety of platforms such as mobile apps, streamed media, in-stadium tech, virtual and augmented reality, fantasy sports, and sports betting, to name a few. Together, these players optimize biometric data use while implementing collaborative solutions to increase privacy, security and revenue generation. Their combined efforts become more potent and powerful, leading to greater achievements than they could reach individually.


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